Collaboration Tools Help Your Team: Teamwork and Basecamp

To continue this discussion about Collaboration Tools that help your team, I wanted to tackle two more: Teamwork and Basecamp. Now, I am pretty sure you’ve heard of both of these if you’ve been researching collaboration tools. Again, they are both great tools for your team to use – it’ll be up to you to decide which one “fits” you and your team better.

Recap from my last post: Most collaboration tools work similarly (although they may use different terms). You create a work-space and invite your team to join you in that work-space. Then, you create projects within that work-space. This can be anything from typing up your weekly blog, scheduling a book or product launch, or creating a new product. Within each project, you can assign tasks to each team member and delegate the workload. Most tools allow you to set up due dates and/or times so your team knows when things need to get done. The followers of that project can always see the updates that are going on, and even make comments to help if they need to.

Teamwork Collaboration Tool Basecamp Collaboration Tool




Whichever collaboration tool you decide is best for your business, just remember there is a learning curve – for you, your team, etc. Especially if this is your first time using one and you have to learn from scratch. So do your own research to figure out which tool best fits your work style, your organization style, and how you process information. It won’t do you much good if in the end, it’s more work than it was before you started using one!

Remember: these tools are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. You might even do a free trail here or there with just a few small projects to “test the waters”. Be considerate and let your team know you are going to be trying these out and that you want their feedback.  Take that feedback into consideration to help make a decision that is better for your entire team. While you may not be able to please everyone on the team, you will hopefully find a great compromise that all members can be happy with. Or use integrations (or Zapier) to let them use that they want and connect the two.

So what are the differences? Here is a quick snapshot (click on the image to enlarge it if you need to):

Collaboration Tools Help Your Team

To see a full list of features or more information, please visit Teamwork and Basecamp (for all of Basecamp’s 3rd Party Apps, click here)

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