Do You Watch College Football?

college football

College Football is almost here, are you excited?

Sorry, I just can’t help myself 😀  Around here, college football is king.  It’s kinda a given when you live in a college town…especially if you went to that college ;-).  We’ve been on a countdown for the first kickoff since mid-summer.  My team of choice (if you haven’t figured it out from my “About” page) is the South Carolina Gamecocks since that is my Alma matter.  It’s where I met my husband, too – so I am a little partial ;-). Whether your team is in the SEC (like mine) or another conference, I know we’re not the only ones that get excited about college football.  When I start hearing the band play and the 2001 entrance, I still get chills and my pulse gets a little quicker!

college football

We're die-hard Gamecock fans! And Daniel's been a Gamecock since birth 🙂

college football

Daniel and me at a football game in 2015

 Let’s bring this excitement back to your business

So, what about your business gets you excited?  What makes your pulse race a little bit more (in a good way) when you think about it?  For me, it’s doing a great job and making my clients happy.  I love when I can take a vision for some imaging they need and create something they are stoked about.  Or even taking something off their plate to free up their time to focus on something else, and they tell me that I rock :-D.   Helping my clients achieve goals, no matter how big or small, totally gives me a thrill and makes me proud of what I do!

What if that excitement is gone?

Block time in your calendar to get excited about your biz again!

Block time in your calendar to get excited about your biz again!

Have you lost some of that spark in your biz?  My hope is that if you have, you can easily find it again.  Block off some time in your calendar (yes, block it off so you get it done!) and sit down to rediscover what makes you happy about your biz.  Make a list if you have to, brainstorm anything that you love about your biz so that you’re reminded why you wanted to do this in the first place.  I always find it encouraging to revisit this list any time I feel overwhelmed or down about how/where my business is going.

Take that list, and pick something that will drive you even more.  Do you like learning new things?  Sign up for a course about one of those things on your list! Do you like the feeling when your clients are helped or a problem is fixed? Offer a free Ebook or tip for your product!  Get creative with how you can utilize this list and bring the excitement back into your biz.  When you get excited about your biz again, your clients/customers (and potential ones, too!) will sense that energy and reward it.  Whether it is by signing up for something, giving you a great review, or sharing your information with their friends.

So, what are your plans for getting the excitement back in your business?

And, I want to hear who your favorite college team is, too 😉  GO GAMECOCKS!

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