Integrate Your Task List to Your Calendar to Increase Productivity

Calendar and Task List Integration – Increase Your Productivity!

Last post, we talked about blocking time in your calendar to be more productive. Now, let’s really get your calendar working for you! Depending on which calendar app you use, there are other apps out there that integrate your task lists from collaboration websites right into your calendar (I’ve mentioned these before – here and here).  So, let’s get productive!

Some calendars (like GoogleCal), you can add tasks directly on the date they are due.  I know for GoogleCal, you can select whether you add an “event” or a task” when you click to add something. On Android, it gets even better for GoogleCal – you can add a reminder (complete with date/time if you want) to help your phone remind you of things that are due.

From the collaboration tools side, you can often go to your settings and select to Sync with your calendar of choice.m For example: in Asana, if you are in the “my tasks” area you see a list of all the tasks assigned to you and their due dates (if applicable). Click on the down arrow next to the title “My Tasks in (workspace)”, and you will see an option to “sync to calendar”. There, it tells you how to sync your Asana tasks to the type of calendar you are using.

Apps that help integrate

However, if already have all your due dates in a collaboration tool, or you’re using another check-list program, you may just want to integrate that with your calendar. Here are some apps that help:

  1. Zapier – you can automate tasks to be sent to your calendar
  2. Todoist – Create your tasklist, and use GoogleSync or Zapier to integrate them to your calendar
  3. IFTTT – Create “recipes” to get your to-do list from one app to your calendar, especially if you aren’t using a collaboration tool
  4. Hill 88 Pro – This is only available for Apple products (and it’s Asana to iCal), but when I contacted them they said they were working on an Android version 😀  It helps you moved your tasks around on your calendar once they are there, instead of keeping them in one spot once synced.

Of course, do some research to see which app will work best with your calendar.  And have some patience, they are always updating the collaboration tools and apps themselves, based on feedback, to make them more user-friendly!

What about you? What apps or integrations have you found to help you get everything in one place so you can be more productive?


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