How Do You Renew Your Mind, Body, and Spirit?

Renew your mind, body and spirit

Renewing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit for Spring

Spring has sprung here in South Carolina!  Despite the yellow pollen invasion, it’s my favorite season 😉 I love seeing the grass get green, the trees and flowers bloom, and even the baby animals and birds that start to show themselves.  Of course, to me spring means new beginnings as I’m sure does to a lot of people.  New beginnings = renewal to me.  So, now’s a GREAT time to evaluate your life or business and figure out where are the areas you need to take a break, renew, and recharge so you can be more efficient and a better version of yourself.

So many of us put our self-care at the end of the list, when it really needs to be at the top or at least somewhere in the middle.  Think about it: if you’re not taking good care of yourself, you can’t take good care of your business because you’re always burned out, stressed, or frustrated.  Those feelings can lead to you being less productive, efficient, and therefore less profitable.  If something’s going to affect your bottom line, don’t you think it should have a higher priority?  I do – so take some time to put your-self care higher up on your list and watch the domino effect!

Renew Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our wedding picture from 2008

Luckily for me, my anniversary was this week (YAY!).  So it’s the perfect time to get away with my husband and renew/recharge our marriage, build stronger bonds, and grow as a couple so we can be strong parents for our son.   We’re not doing anything huge, but it’s just going to be nice to get away from our routine and have a change of scenery.  Change of scenery or routine is sometimes a great way to renew your mind, change your attitude, and let you come back refreshed.  My suggestion is to not do anything business-related if you can help it. Prep before you leave if things need to happen while you’re gone: automate as much as possible, leave someone in charge, set up your “vacation responses” in your emails so that people know you won’t be responding until you get back.

I also get to look forward to our annual family beach trip this summer.  Every summer, my husband’s side of the family tries to head down to a local beach and just relax.  I make myself unavailable as far as work goes, and just try to enjoy the time with the family, listen to the waves, and make some wonderful memories.  It never fails – I am always recharged when I get back 😀

renew your mind, body, and spirit

Our family at the beach last year

Other people love retreats of some sort.  They come back energized and ready to face the world again! Being around others who share similar experiences or goals can really help encourage you and change your mindset in a positive way.  It can be any type of retreat that piques your interest: spiritual, business, team-building, etc.  Find one that you can get excited about going to and make it a goal to get there 🙂

renew your mind, body, and spirit

Of course, there are daily activities you can utilize to renew your mind, body, and spirit.  For me, my prayer time helps me get my mind and spirit ready for the rest of the day.  I’ve started working out with a trainer twice a week and that is making my body stronger.  Being involved with my church and church choir renews my spirit every week.  Some people like to do yoga or meditation to renew themselves.  Find what works for you and try to do it regularly.  It’s amazing the positive effects it will have on your life and your business!

How about you? What other suggestions help you renew yourself every day, or every year?  What’s made the biggest impact in your life to help you be a better version of you?


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