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What’s on Your Continuing Education Agenda?

Time for some honesty – I haven’t been good about keeping to my continuing education schedule :-/ In my defense: it’s been a crazy last few months.  April had my son getting minor surgery what required him to be home for two weeks recovering, then it was Easter, then Mother’s Day and several family birthday celebrations, and then this month my husband and to go do his own continuing education for his job for two weeks out of state. In a quick turn-around, we left for the beach last Saturday for a family vacation…which I think is much-deserved 😉  But with vacation comes a lot a prep work – not just packing my family up, but prepping the business. I try to get as much done ahead of time so I don’t have to think or worry about it while I’m gone. Take this blog post, for example…I wrote it the week before we left so I wouldn’t have to take away from family time. When I vacation, I try to unplug as much as I can!

That all being said, I will have to get back to my continuing education schedule with full gusto after we get back. I’m currently taking a course on Infusionsoft to add a to my skill-set for clients, and I will have to catch up and start really diving in. That’s on my agenda this year. I want to get a basic understanding on Infusionsoft, and continue getting updated on Facebook Advertising and list building. Those are my focuses this year – I find them fun, interesting, and really get my creative juices flowing!

Those are my “work” continuing education goals 😉  Personally, I would love to do another Adult Paint class with some friends. It was super-fun the last time, and it appeals to my artistic side 😉 Yup, I’m a dork, self-admitted!  It only takes an evening, but it helps me learn how to explore my creativity!

adult art class final results

My finished product! I was pretty proud 🙂


Whether you decide to add some business or personal continuing education goals, they will both benefit you and your business. It’s obvious how the business-related continuing ed will help, but what about the personal? Well, when you do something for you, it generally makes you happier, or more relaxed, or energized (depending on what you do)…and that energy trickles over into your work 🙂 So yes, take some time for self-care and doing things you love to do outside of work!

So what are your goals for continuing education this year?  Do you have a plan set in place?  What are you passionate about that you want to delve into?  Find something (either business or personal) that really gets you excited and learn something more about it!  You and your business will benefit from it in the long run 🙂

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