What Do You Use For Bookkeeping? Try Freshbooks

In this day and age of “online-everything”, there are options becoming available for bookkeeping services as well.  Some prefer keeping it all online, and some prefer to have the software available on their computer.  If you are one who likes to keep it all online, then check out Freshbooks.  I used it with one of my clients, and it was really easy to pick up. And since I like to write about something I’ve had experience with, this is why I picked Freshbooks to write about 🙂 This is a great online tool for a small business, it’s user-friendly, and they have great customer support.

Bookkeeping with Freshbooks

One of the biggest draws is that because it is online, you can do your invoicing/billing from anywhere.  It syncs across mobile devices with access to iPad, iPhone, Android and desktop accessibility. For a service-based mobile business, this is a great feature!

Some of the other benefits:

  • Online invoicing, accepting credit cards for payments, late payment reminders, etc.
  • You can track your time, and create different rates for times if you need to
  • Expense Tracking if you need it
  • Accounting reports to make tax time easier (P&L, Aged Accounts, etc.)

Now, one of the drawbacks (for me, personally) is that while it can track your time and create invoices, it doesn’t have the capability of writing a paycheck to employees. However, it does have some great add-on options for time-tracking and payroll software. For a complete list, click here,  If your business is fine with integrating one of these add-ons and using a separate software to do payroll, then Freshbooks could be a great fit for you 🙂 Especially if you are a one-man show, this could be just fine.  I know Intuit Online Payroll can be connected to business bank accounts, and paychecks can be written from there (and federal taxes can also be paid from there!).

Bookkeeping with Freshbooks

Have you used Freshbooks?  How do you like it?  Chime in and let others know the pros and cons – getting informed helps us all make the best decisions 😀

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